SPECIAL Lounge cleaning and protection $35 per seating position


General pest treatment is for Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches

all pest products have minimum 3 Month Service warranty

all our workers are fully licensed 

3 Month Service warrenty


Ant Treatment internal external

 You are having a problem with ants in the house, then you can call our specialists Team. Our external Ant Bait Station uses the ants roaming instinct to its success, giving an insecticide bait that they eat and take back to the nest - completely eliminating the group. The tamper resistant lid permits it to be used carefully in areas used by children and pets.

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Rodent Treatment


We Have options of using both poisonous or non poisonous products

 We provide efficient and specially tailored ways to eliminate rodents from your house or store or shop. Our technicians are skilled and trained, providing targeted solutions for your specific rodent problem and location.

We understand you don't want a repeat infestation and give specialist prevention advice and efficient deterrents for rodents.


German cockroach infestation


this product includes reservist 1 month after initial treatment 


$ 250.00

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Move out pest treatment


this product is spray only and dose not come with Warranty


Bed Bugs


inspect areas infected determine strategy

vacuum areas infected steaming infected areas

then spaying areas there may be need for follow up this would come at a cost just $250.00